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    the town which keeps genius of seven centuries among forests and bogs, lakes and granite rocks of Carelian Isthmus!
    • Vyborg is the only medieval town in Russia. It attracts crowds of tourists from all over the world, film directors and historians.
    • The royal Castle was founded in 1293 near the old estuary of Vuoksa river when imperious and cunning Tyrgils Knutson, the Swedish marshal, sailed with his crusading fleet into the eastern waters of the Gulf of Finland and marched into Carelian. The main tower of the Castle bears the name of St. Olaf which introduced Christianity in Scandinavia. The tower is 48.6 m and 239 steps lead to its top.
    • Because of its geographical position Vyborg developed as a trade center. You still can see two female statues at the Fortress square. One of them is a symbol of Marine trade, the other one - Industry. In 1403 Vyborg was granted the City Status.
    • Vyborg was the town of traders and craftsmen, shipbuilders and musicians, knights and monks, bakers and brewers.
    • Vyborg was the place where Karl Knutson Bronte was crowned in 1448. The time of his ruling was most remarkable for the town.
    • Vyborg is a live museum of fortification constructions. Here you can find forts from different centuries, for example: Vyborg castle dates back to the 13th century, Round Tower - to the 16th century, Clock Tower - to the 15th century.
    • Vyborg – the fortress where the treasures of Hermitage were hidden during the Napoleon's army invasion.
    • Vyborg is a small and cozy town with parks and prospects, monuments, forts and cathedrals.
    • Vyborg was one of the biggest Finnish towns, a huge Seaport, a famous health-resort up to the 20th century.
    • A real example of the functional style in architecture of the town is the unique library of Alvar Aalto, who was famous Finnish architect.
    • Vyborg is the town of the popular film festival “Window to Europe”.
    • Vyborg can't be regarded as a typical Russian town as it looks rather West-European. You can find a mixture of various architectural styles, evident influences of romanticism and renaissance, classicism and functional style.
    • Famous park "Monrepos" is a manor house and landscaped park lying along the shoreline of the Vyborg Bay. It was designed in the romantic English style. Among the park designers were such architects like D. Martinelli, Auguste de Montferrand, A. Shtakenshneider, Ch.Tetam. In this nature reserve, more than 300 species of different plants can be found, some of them being rare.

    Viipuritours invites you to discover Vyborg as one of the cultural center of Leningrad region.
    We can show you both the magnificent unique past as well as Vyborg's present everyday life.

    If you have planned your trip to Vyborg or if you haven't yet thought about the destination of your next holiday, please don't hesitate to contact us for advice or assistance.
    188800, Russia,
    Leningrad oblast,
    Vyborg, Moskovskiy pr, 24
    Tel/fax: +7-81378-31692

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